SOHO ARTS’ Carboot Collective invites stallholders to book in for the following dates.

  • 6 April 2019

  • 17 August 2019

  • 30 November (Christmas) 2019

Public are welcome on site 9-2pm

what is this?

Think of it as a collective garage sale that also welcomes handmade, homemade, recycled, up-cycled and repurposed creativity. We are trying to encourage people to buy preloved and locally made rather than consume more and you get to make a little extra cash. This might be particularly attractive to groups needing to fundraise.

Be warned people will expect bargains and we hope you will give them.

We want to keep the carboot cheap and assessable so we need to keep admin low and trust people to do the right thing. Please read the information.

site fees

  • Standard Sites are $10 each and are roughly 2m x 4m long

  • Double Sites are available (which is what you need if you want to put up a marquee) are 2 x standard sites = $20

  • Carboot Sites are $10 where you can park your car open the boot and trade from your boot with enough space to also have a table and clothes rack or equivalent.

  • Hall Sites are $10 and are roughly 2x2m enough for 1 trestle table and small clothes rack

  • Random Sites are $10 and are roughly cartable size and can be squeezed in somewhere


  • BYO everything

  • If you want to be next to someone in particular arrive together

  • There are full length mirrors in the hall

  • There are shops nearby to buy food and drinks

  • There is a toilet and a kitchen in the hall and a fridge (if you want to bring lunch or cold drinks)

  • If it rains we get wet


  • THIS IS A COMMUNITY EVENT AND NOT FOR PROFESSIONAL/REGULAR MARKET TRADERS. If you are unsure about whether you will be welcome email me.


  • No cars can be moved on or off site without clearance from the site manager, with lots of people it’s too dangerous.

  • If you need to drive anywhere between 9am - 2.30pm ish make sure your car is parked on the road.

  • There is parking on site for people who don’t want to trade from their cars.

  • Marquees are only permitted as long as they have good weights (15-20kgs) on all legs. If it’s windy they can’t go up. It’s tarmac so you can’t peg into the ground.

  • You must take all your items and rubbish with you at the end. 

  • Stallholders who don’t follow the rules will be asked to leave and not invited back.


Spread, invite and share the word of this wonderful (ethical) retail opportunity to all your networks because there is no point going to all this trouble without people coming. The more people who come the more successful everyone will be. 


7.30am Site opens for set up

8.40am Cars must be off site or parked

9.00am Sales start

2.00pm Pack up begins

4.00pm Everyone gone


So whilst there are times when life gets in the way if you are not sure yet if you can commit don’t book a spot. If you need to cancel no matter how late please let us know

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS but you can transfer your spot to someone else just make sure they have all the appropriate info.