hall hire Community Rates*

  • $38.50 (GST inc) per hour (includes 15mins either side to set up and pack down)

  • $99 (GST inc) half day (up to 6 hours)

  • $165 (GST inc) full day (7am - 9pm)

  • $495 (GST inc) per week (5 days)

  • includes power, heating, WiFi and access to the kitchenette

Meeting Room

The meeting room adjoins the hall. This means that there are times when running activities at the same time in both the hall and the meeting room is not possible as they will disrupt each other.  Hall bookings take priority over meeting room unless the hirer wants to pay the hall fee.  Please note there is no access to the kitchenette if the hall is being used.

  • $20 per hour (includes 15mins either side to set up and pack down)

  • $10 per hour extra when booked with the hall


Regular bookings and multiple day hire or commercial rates for hall and meeting room are available on application.

The calendar below works in the following way. Bookings with a TBC have been booked but a deposit has not yet been paid.

If you are interested in a date that has a TBC email manager@soholivingarts.org to see if it might become available. Often hirers are willing to move things around a bit to accomodate.