Hire Dates:

Available all year round see calendar

Hire includes:

  • 8 trestles tables and 40 chairs

  • kitchenette with basics

  • power and heating

  • toilet

  • clean venue

  • wifi

The Centre has access to useful things for example a small PA system, tablecloths and glassware for an additional fee. Chat to the Centre Manager if you need help or ideas to support your event to see what we have available.

Hire Does Not Include:

  • venue staff, technicians or operators

  • hire of additional equipment

  • additional cleaning


  1. Check the calendar that your dates are free.

  2. Fill out the booking form HERE

  3. The manager will confirm your booking by sending you an invoice

  4. Before your hire dates you will receive a key code, user guide and any additional info relevant to your booking.

  5. Reminder that bookings are not confirmed until payments is made.

Conditions of Hire


Bookings can be made by filling out the booking form/hall hire agreement and emailing to the Centre Manager. Bookings are not confirmed until an invoice is issued and payment is made. For hire periods of one day or less, full payment is required. For longer hire period a 50% of the total hire fee due is required to confirm the booking with the balance to be paid before use.


Hire fees can be paid in cash to the Centre Manager or by transfer to the nominated bank account detailed on the invoice. Credit card facilities are not available.


In addition to payment, a cleaning bond of $50 may be required for any events serving food and beverage which will be returned if the venue is left clean and as it was prior to use.


Hirers are expected to clean the premises after use, including sweeping and mopping floors and wiping down surfaces, and ensuring toilets are left hygienic and unsoiled. Should a cleaner be required the hirer will be charged at $50 for the first hour (bond amount) and $38 for any subsequent hours. Non-payment of any additional cleaning fees will automatically cancel any future booking and prevent new ones until the bill is cleared. The hirer must remove all their rubbish and recycling from the site.


All equipment, chairs, tables, and kitchen, are to be returned to appropriate storage spaces at the completion of the hire period (unless negotiated).

All technical and electrical equipment brought onsite by the hirer must have current tag and test certification and pass a visual inspection by staff. The electricity system is not able to sustain high voltage equipment.

All equipment brought into the venue by the hirer must be removed at the end of the hire period (unless negotiated) otherwise storage fees will be charged.


Should the hire be cancelled less than three weeks prior to the commencement of the hire period, the Centre shall retain any fees paid or the deposit. All other refundable cancellations attract a $10 admin fee.


It is the responsibility of the hirer to be in attendance in the hall at all times that it is open during their rental period. Hirers will be instructed in security and safety procedures. The hirer must maintain possession and control of any issued keys or codes and cannot pass them onto any other person. If keys are lost, the Centre Manager must be notified immediately, as locks may need to be changed. This cost will be passed on to the hirer. All doors and windows are to be secured at the end of each day and all lights are to be turned off. Fire exits and common passageways are to be kept clear at all times.

If a security call out is required due to hirer error the hirer will be charged the call out fee ($75).


The Centre is a non-smoking complex, so smoking is prohibited. The tenant shall ensure that all those associated with the activity and all members of the public comply with this condition. Smokers should be directed to the street front.


If you wish to serve alcohol at your event you must seek prior approval, in writing, to the Centre Manager. All events SELLING alcohol must obtain a Special Liquor Permit  from the Department of Treasury and Finance – Liquor and Gaming. Anyone serving alcohol must have his or her Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). A copy of the Liquor Permit and RSA Certificate/s must be provided to the Centre Manager. Please discuss with the Centre Manager when making your booking.


Fire and / or candles are not permitted in the hall or in the grounds. Some exceptions may be made under very special circumstances and only after specific approval.


Workshop, class or promotional material may be placed on available notice boards throughout the hire period. No materials may be fastened to any paintwork, stonework or the facade of the buildings.

An A-Frame sandwich board is available for hirers to position at the hall entrance, ensuring that is does not create a hazard in any way to those accessing the facility.


The Centre reserves the right to cancel any booking causing excessive noise or showing lack of consideration for the general public or nearby residents. Particular attention should be paid to residents in the vicinity of the hall, especially noise in the car park in the evenings.


The Centre strongly advises all hirers to have insurance cover for Public Liability and the Centre takes no responsibility for any equipment brought into the Centre for all goods and effects brought onto the premises by the hirer and/or the hirer’s representatives.


Given the purpose of the Centre, priority in booking will be given to organisations / individuals whose activities most align with the objectives of the Centre. 


Whilst it is understood that regular access to the hall may be very desirable for some hirers, the Centre does not want opportunities to be missed for special events. Long-term bookings therefore need to be flexible if such a special event should arise and will be discussed with hirers on a case-by-case basis if and when required.

The Centre Manager will manage all hall hire applications in accordance with the Centre's hall hire policy.  In the unlikely event of an application is refused, the applicant can appeal to the Board. The Board decision is final and no other correspondence will be entered into.