SOHO ARTS, South Hobart Living Arts Centre Ltd, is a public company limited by guarantee, was established in September 2015 to develop and manage the South Hobart Living Arts Centre after an active campaign over a number of years by the South Hobart Progress Association, supported by the City of Hobart and key members of Tasmania’s creative community. The objective is to develop and manage the building as an arts centre and preserve the heritage of the building and surrounds and their relationship to the neighbourhood.

The founding of SOHO ARTS has been made possible through significant funding from the Commonwealth Government of Australia, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and by the Tasmanian State Government’s, Department of Treasury and Finance.

SOHO ARTS is a community and cultural facility that is both a traditional arts centre and a community centre, providing spaces and facilities for the long term housing of arts, community and cultural organisations and casual facility use for community and cultural activities for meetings, screenings, rehearsals, workshops and classes etc.

It is the objective of SOHO ARTS that the ongoing operation of the facility be self sufficient, in that the Centre will not be reliant on ongoing grants or subsidies for the operation of the facility. The SOHO ARTS Board is also committed to rental costs and terms that are affordable, simple and accessible to a wide range of community organisations and individuals, however financial sustainability is paramount.

The Centre is run by a Board of Directors and has an independent Chairman appointed by the City of Hobart.

Current Board of Directors:

Sam Adams 

Tracey Cockburn

Gail Cork

Nic Goodwolf

Leigh Tesch

Chairperson - Anne-Marie Stranger

Centre Manager - Lucinda Toynbee Wilson